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The mission of New Life Community Development Corporation is to provide relief, cultivate restoration and model reinvestment among the poor and marginalized in Elmhurst and Corona as a demonstration of the love of God.

Relief Is

Providing for the immediate needs of the poor and marginalized in our neighborhood. There is enough to go around for everyone and then some.

RELIEF provides a meal, a shower, and an embrace of hope. Relief is 150,000 pounds of food distributed per year.

Restoration Is

Reconnecting an individual to the transformative power of community and opportunity. We gather in community because no one is meant to journey alone. Greater opportunity for all is significant because everyone has a purpose.

RESTORATION means fostering supportive communities through anti-poverty initiatives to break the cycles of poverty and create opportunities for economic mobility. Restoration is more than $65,000
invested to help individuals launch a business, earn a certification, or pay for unexpected medical costs.


Reinvestment Is

People in a community creating a greater local neighborhood versus moving out to find one. We believe in the transformation not only of people but also of place. To transform a community, we need investment from within, from those who love and live here.

REINVESTMENT is taking an abandoned lot and making it into a community garden. Reinvestment is over 12,000 hours of local volunteering.

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