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Hearts of Prayer

We know that God uses the faithful service of so many volunteers to bring his relief, restoration, and reinvestment to our community. We also know that God is always moving ahead of all our carefully laid plans and that nothing can be accomplished without Him. Throughout the bible, God tells us that when we pray, we see him more fully and we receive more of his spirit, wisdom, grace, and love. In prayer, our hearts are shaped into his heart for our community. Knowing this we are seeking to build a network of prayer partners who we can share updates and prayer requests with on a regular basis. You and your prayers are greatly needed. 

  • Please email us at to join our prayer network. We promise not to spam you and updates will be once a month via email. 

  • Even if you are volunteering in other ways you can still sign up to join our prayer network.

  • If you are interested in helping us shape and lead this new community of prayer, please let us know!

In Elmhurst and Corona, nearly two in three children live in households in or near poverty and wage earners typically work disproportionately in lower-wage professions. Since the pandemic, many are still unemployed or are working reduced hours. 


Nearly 75% of the residents in Elmhurst and Corona are foreign-born, facing life's daily challenges in a new country, in a new language, and often separated from extended family and support networks. These barriers, along with many others, isolate families and exacerbate a loss of community. 


Despite exceptionally high rates of employment in the district, workers tend to concentrate in construction and hospitality-related sectors. Long working hours prevent families from living life together and deprive individuals of many opportunities to effect change in their community. Demand for early childhood education, afterschool, and behavioral health programs outstrip supply. Unaffordable housing means families have fewer choices and the least costly housing is often poorly maintained. 

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