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Many low-income families don't lack capacity. They lack opportunity.


Success Groups cultivate supportive COMMUNITY. Community and support can uncover the power to be able to create a better future for yourself, your loved ones and for those around you. Families who participate in Success Groups create OPPORTUNITY as they shape their own path toward financial mobility.


Families who are the strongest fit for the program typically have some sources of income, are comfortable sharing their achievements and challenges in a group, are not experiencing a major family crisis and have a strong desire to increase the financial health and well being of their families. They chart their own progress while receiving a modest monthly financial stipend.

  • Small groups made up of 6 to 8 families meet together for at least 12 months, overcoming financial challenges and experiencing economic mobility together.

  • Create a budget and track your finances in a journal. Meet with Success Group staff to see progress and patterns.

  • Meet regularly with your cohort to stay accountable to your goals, to be encouraged when you face obstacles, and to celebrate your progress.

  • Earn a monthly stipend of up to $180/month for your time and effort. Your time is valuable and we compensate you for your time.

  • Share expertise and learn from your peers as leadership is shared among the group.

  • Apply to access matching funds for up to an additional $1,000 from the Resource Hub to achieve personal, financial, or educational goals.

  • Build a supportive community where members feel safe to meet and dream about the future.

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