We Are Community

For many individuals the immediate association between Elmhurst and COVID-19 is with Elmhurst Hospital and devastation in the surrounding community which marked our neighborhood as the “Epicenter of the Epicenter”.

At the height of the pandemic, especially in the first few months, alongside the heartache and loss was the outpouring of care and concern from within the community with and for each other. The beauty of community and connection can be seen through neighbors that stepped into the gaps, stores and vendors responding to a community in need, and schools pivoting to connect, liaise and advocate for their students and families. Local parks transitioned into de facto community centers and community backyards where pop-up events distributed emergency goods, supplies, and much needed information and resources while neighbors used the open space for exercise, a change of scenery, or to stay connected to real-live people.  

The beauty of community spirit can be seen in the places highlighted on our map - people, places, and businesses that worked together to help one another through an unprecedented crisis. As our neighbors and city continue to move ahead into new seasons and new opportunities and needs move ahead in urgency and priorities, we honor and acknowledge what we have collectively overcome.


We invite you to use this guide to know our neighbors more deeply. And, use it to guide you on a prayer walk in our community. Download a printable version here.

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Neighborhood Guide Map

* These restaurants partnered with our Young Governors to provide food vouchers that were distributed to the local homeless community.

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Rincon Criollo
   40-09 Junction Blvd, Corona
Provided over 2,000 meals each week to frontline workers and staff at Elmhurst Hospital.

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Primos Bakery Auténtico Pan Mexicano
   47-18 Junction Blvd, Corona
Quickly pivoted operations to donate food to local community fridges and continues to donate today.