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Young Governors Bring Power to the Youth Voice at New Life Fellowship

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

On Sunday, April 16th, Young Governors visited both Sunday services at New Life Fellowship to introduce themselves to the New Life Fellowship community as well as invite broader awareness to New Life CDC programs. They spoke about the Young Governors program and their experience with being part of a youth-empowered team.

Emmanual, a current 10th-grade YG Member shared about what the program does. "Young Governors is an outlet to goal-oriented and motivated youth leaders to take on issues in the community." He continued to talk about the importance of the next generation by saying, "I believe programs like Young Governors is essential to our community as they focus on youth empowerment and our young people who represent the future of Elmhurst."

Students shared life-changing realizations that being a high school student isn't a disadvantage. "Personally, my experience with Young Governors has been life-changing," said Vivian, also a current 11th grader. "Through this program, I had the honor to work with other like-minded peers in a team setting. This taught me the importance of active listening and communication, and to consider a variety of opinions. We consistently echo the importance that working together and being unified makes nothing impossible, especially when youth voices nowadays are consistently suppressed by society."

Although their time up front was short the impact of being involved with Young Governors was evident. Jacob, a current 11th-grade member shared, "As a teen, sometimes I feel I don’t really have a voice or don’t get taken seriously. With YG I’ve learned I don’t have to wait for the world to listen to me. Together we can lead by example, like cleaning up a park or listening to the needs of the people in our community. I know we already have the power to help the community for the better."

Following both services, the YG members held their first Bake-sale fundraiser of the year! Everyone brought in homemade baked goods and food and it was a successful fundraising event! YG is looking to hold more events like this in the future so be sure to follow them on their IG and Facebook @younggovernors.

And, a special thanks to members Jacob, Vivian, and Emmanuel for beautifully representing the YG program and NLCDC! If you missed the service you can watch a recording of the entire Service, including our Young Governors, here (Sunday, 4/16/2023).


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